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Droniq: AMIU-Space: Markets, Challenges and Prospects

On 26.1.2023, U-space is supposed to be implemented in the EU. However, many Member States will need more time to do so. This panel will discuss the state of implementation and the potential from U-space. It will also discuss what is still needed for U-space and the role of initiatives such as AMI.

In this panel, Stéphane Vaubourg (Drones Project Manager, EASA), Dr. Markus May (Managing Director Airbus Urban Mobility) and Jan-Eric Putze (CEO Droniq) would like to take stake of the implementation in Germany and other Member States and discuss the potential stemming from U-space for drone services, the introduction of vertiports and other city-related services. More importantly, they will also discuss what needs to happen so that U-spaces can be opened and drone services can reliably be introduced. Also, this year’s Air Mobility Initiative (AMI) may be a way to speed up the necessary processes to introduce U-spaces.

The Panel is moderated by Christoph Raab, Secretary General of the Alliance for New Mobility Europe.

Time  Topic Speaker
12:00-12:20 Opening remarks and introduction of the topics Moderator: Christoph Raab (Alliance for New Mobility Europe)

Potential of U-Spaces and Current status of the implementation of U-spaces in Europe

Stéphane Vaubourg, EASA

Airbus' role in the U-Space project AMIUS

Ecosystem approach

Social acceptance for UAM


Markus May, Airbus

Potential of a U-space for the use of drones in urban areas

How a USSP ensure safe flights within a U-space

Challenges with regards to the implementation of U-spaces

Jan-Eric Putze, Droniq

Speakers (4)

Markus May

Markus May

Managing Director, Airbus Urban Mobility

Christoph Raab

Christoph Raab

Secretary General, Alliance for New Mobility Europe

Jan-Eric Putze

Jan-Eric Putze

CEO, Droniq

Stephanie Vaubourg

Stephanie Vaubourg

Project Manager, EASA