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ESPN-R Hoist Group Demo

Get first hand information from the ESPN-R Hoist experts on latest developments in the hoisting procedures, the communication aspects and simply how to conduct this complex operations in helicopter missions safely.

Schedule of tasks during the demo

  1. Simulation of an inflight scenario/ Preparation of helicopter cabin
  2. Transfer of TC HHO from front seat to cabin
  3. Winch OPS
    a. Single winch down - all with anti-static line
    b. Double winch up
    c. Single winch down with stretcher
    d. Double inch up with stretcher (eventually with volunteer person) - demo of anti-rotation line / aerodynamic rudder
    e. Single winch down with rescue sling
    f. Double winch up with (volunteer) person in rescue sling (different models)
    g. Single winch down with rescue triangle
    h. Double winch up with (volunteer) person in rescue triangle
    i. Hook ballast demo - stabilized empty hook, jungle / forest roof penetration
    j. Hoist cable inspection, damages & manual cable cutting
    k. Abbreviated hoist maintenance demo
    l. Tools for hoist maintenance - TBC
    m. Q & A plus mentioning of ESPN- R Hoist working group, deliverables, such as: AH SINs, HHO training guide and ongoing projects, such as pilot training guide, PCDS, etc
  4. 4. (still TBC) Airbus VR 360° hoit immersion system for interested volunteers

Speakers (1)

Alexander Weissenboeck

Alexander Weissenboeck

Customer Support Manager HEMS & Hoist, Airbus Helicopters