Program entry EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023

Future of Simulation

Training with simulators is becoming more and more important, from basic concepts with virtual reality up to high-end solutions with full-motion systems. We will discuss all relevant topics and also look at the regulation.





12:00 - 12:05 

 Opening Remarks and Introduction Into the Topics 

Dan Sweet, Moderator 


12:05 - 12:20

 Training with Technology 

Matthew Presnal, Coptersafety 

 12:20 - 12:35 

Make the most of each FSTD technology

Nacho Navacerrada, Entrol 

12:35 - 12:50 

Virtual Reality in Motion: A New Technology for More Realistic Simulator Training

Loft Dynamics 

12:50 - 13:05

Embedding the level D fidelity into Leonardo

Paolo Petrosso, Leonardo

13:05 - 13:20 

Future of Simulation From a Regulatory Perspective 

Capt. Prokopis Batzanopoulos, EASA 

13:20 - 13:40 

Panel Discusion  


13:40 - 13:55 

Q & A with audience 


Speakers (5)

Chad Sparks

Chad Sparks

General Manager, Bell Training Academy

Nacho Navacerrada Blanco

Nacho Navacerrada Blanco

Entrol, Sales Director

Matthew Presnal

Matthew Presnal

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Paolo Petrosso

Paolo Petrosso

Vice President Simulation & Training Services; Leonardo

Prokopis Batzanopoulos

Prokopis Batzanopoulos

Captain/ Flight Crew Licensing Expert, EASA