About our Programme

Discover all events happening during EUROPEAN ROTORS 2022. Following our great success in 2021, again we will offer a high level and broad educational programme consisting of trainings, workshops, conferences and of course the EASA VTOL and Rotorcraft Symposium.

The programme consists of three parts:

EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium

The renowned EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium has been in existence for 14 years with a growing recognition within the community. The symposium focuses on the latest rotorcraft developments from a safety perspective and will be integrated into the three-day conference of EUROPEAN ROTORS for the first time in 2021 – attracting new attendees to the show.

Educational content for industry professionals

We offer certified training sessions, best practice seminars as well as workshops for industry professionals. The content of these courses will enable operators, maintenance personnel, pilots, managers and others to succeed in today's dynamic industry environment.

Smart conferencing and additional value for all attendees

To guarantee that all attendees are able to get the maximum out of their time spent at EUROPEAN ROTORS, we keep most conferences in the hall, at three stages close to the static display using comfortable silent conferencing technology. In addition, we record the conferences and make them available over our internet event platform after the show—to ensure you don’t miss anything that you are interested in! During the conferences, we cover all latest and future developments in the VTOL industry, from HEMS and aerial work to police and parapublic, offshore, general aviation, and drones—always highlighting the perspective of the industry, the operators, and the regulators. We are supported here by renowned associations such as the VFS, UAV DACH, and several other prominent institutions.