Exhibiting Guidelines

Exhibitor resources for your participation at EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023

Booth Guidelines

Islands / Two-Corner Stands

  • Entirely closed walls are not allowed. The longer side may be closed a maximum of half its length.

Special Exceptions/Stand Variance

  • Stands exceeding 2.50m in height*

*All special exceptions must be preapproved. Send requests (with a hall map marked with dimensions) to europeanrotors_event@eha-heli.eu. Deadline to request approval for special exceptions: 26 Oct. 2023.

Special Constructions

  • Ceiling Suspensions/Rigging Projects/Hanging Signs

IFEMA has specific procedures for stands with rigging/hanging in their design. Deadline to submit information to IFEMA on special constructions: 26 Oct. 2023. The information is outlined in detail here: IFEMA Rigging Procedure and Form

The procedure for exhibitors wishing to hang elements from any of the rigging points provided by IFEMA MADRID in the structure of exhibition halls is as follows:

  • A floor layout must be sent to stecnica@ifema.es indicating the position and height of each requested point.
  • A rigging project must be sent to inspeccion.rigging@ifema.es indicating the minimum content specified in Section 6 of this document and a printed copy of the authorisation request, properly filled out.
  • The due date for receiving projects is one month prior to the start of assembly for the event being requested. Any applications received thereafter might not be considered, and thus not be authorised to hang riggings from the hall structures.
  • Projects received shall be reviewed for compliance with IFEMA MADRID’s rules and regulations and the conditions laid out in the Regulations.
  • IFEMA MADRID shall issue a ruling on the application within seven days from receipt. Potential rulings include
    i.  Application approved. The exhibitor may perform the assembly shown on the application form. Approval of an application implies authorisation for assembly only. Neither IFEMA MADRID, nor companies participating in inspection of the assembly, assume any responsibility for the project.
    ii.  Application with remarks. The exhibitor must adapt the project in accordance with IFEMA MADRID’s remarks and resend it for a new review. Remarks may refer to any aspect of the installation; e.g. the need to increase the number of force transmission points, reduce the amount of each, change location, or change materials.
    iii. Application rejected. Applications that fail to comply with the conditions outlined in this manual are denied.
  • Once a rigging project is approved, the exhibitor may perform the assembly on the dates scheduled for each event. The assembly must be exactly as approved in the application. Any changes must receive prior approval by IFEMA MADRID.
  • Applicants must have the project approval document and copies of approved plans available at all times during assembly.
  • IFEMA MADRID technicians or technicians of companies contracted for assembly must ensure that the assembly adheres to the approved projects. Assembly of installations that are not specifically set out in the approved projects is forbidden.
  • If during the assembly of any element, there are reasonable doubts about their suitability, IFEMA MADRID may require viability tests. The costs of such a test shall be borne by the exhibitor.


  • Stands are required to have carpet or flooring

How to order carpet for a stand*: Log into the Online Service Centre

*If you are bringing your own stand, and ONLY need to order carpet, send an email request to Servis. Send booth number and dimensions to this email address: itoronell@servisgroup.es. Orders must be received by 17 Nov. 2023.

Booth Catering/Stand Parties

IFEMA has catering resources, listed below. Exhibitors can also use an outside catering company if they choose.

IFEMA Approved Catering Information

IFEMA Catering Request Form

IFEMA catering customer service email: catering@ifema.es

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EACs)

Provide Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) details to IFEMA. Submit here by 17 Nov. 2023.

Setup and Dismantling Timeline 2023 (all times CET)

A target move-in schedule will be used for the installation of exhibits and is based on an exhibitor's booth size and location.

Download EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023 Target Move-in Floorplan


Sat., 25 Nov., 08:30–21:30

Sun., 26 Nov., 08:30–21:30

Mon., 27 Nov., 08:30–21:30


Thu., 30 Nov., 17:00–21:30

Fri., 01 Dec., 08:30–21:30

Early dismantling is not permitted. (Please see the General Conditions of Participation.)

Opening Show Hours:


The 2023 EUROPEAN ROTORS exhibit floor will be open to the public at the following times:

Tue., 28 Nov., 10:00–17:00

Wed., 29 Nov., 10:00–17:00

Thu., 30 Nov., 10:00–16:00

Exhibitor access: one hour before the exhibition starts.


Vehicle Access to IFEMA for Assembly and Dismantling

  • Vehicles may only remain inside of IFEMA MADRID, for loading and unloading operations, for the following limited time periods:
    • Vehicles with a maximum authorized load of more than 3,500 kg: Three (3) hours.
    • Vehicles with a maximum authorized load less than or equal to 3,500 kg: Two (2) hours.
    • Regular cars and vans: One (1) hour.
  • As an alternative, you may use a truck parking area for transport vehicles, and the Orange/Green or Brown/Red parking areas for cars and vans.
  • If you are unable to perform or complete the loading/unloading of your truck in the time allotted, you may access the truck parking area (paid) by using the same ticket that you were given upon entering IFEMA MADRID, though bearing in mind that:
    • If you remain in the truck parking area for one hour or less, upon exiting you may use up the unused loading/unloading time.
    • If you remain in the truck parking area for more than one hour, you will once again have the total maximum timegranted for your vehicle.

IFEMA Parking Fees

  • Dissuasion fee for maximum time surpassed:
    • One hour: 20 € (0.33 € per minute)
    • Maximum charge per day: 100 €

To be paid at the automatic payment machine closest to the exit gate.

  • Truck parking fee:
    • One hour: 6 € (0.10 € per minute)
    • Maximum charge per day: 30 €

To be paid at the automatic payment machine in this parking area or any other, using the ticket received upon accessing the fairgrounds.

  • Special Assembly / Dismantling Fee:
    • 3 € per visit during the day

One visit is equal to 1 entrance + 1 exit, with no time limit between the two, during one single calendar day. Starting at midnight on the following day, a new visit will be charged.

HALL 9 Loading Bays

  • All Hall 9 loading bay doors measure 6m in width X 5,5m in height.

Shipping to IFEMA

Deliveries should be addressed as follows:

28042, MADRID

Please note: IFEMA staff are strictly forbidden from accepting any packages thus anything that arrives before the event, or for which there is nobody from the receivers end to sign for, will be returned to sender.

Shipping/Logistics Preferred Vendor

Tel. +34 91 330 51 77



Exhibitor Services Kit/Online Service Center (OSC)

Online Service Center

  • Order a shell scheme, basic stand package, or hire stand design services.
  • Hire operators and equipment such as forklifts, cherry-picker, etc.
  • Order a/v, electricity, furniture for your stand
  • Order fuseboards, extension cables, certificates for electrical work

If you need to reset your password or have questions, IFEMA’s information is below:

Customer service
Tel: +34 91 722 30 00
Email: Customerservice@ifema.es

Other helpful IFEMA contacts:

Internet questions, email telecomunicaciones@ifema.es
Shell scheme questions, email europeanrotors23@servisgroup.es
Stand design questions, email infodesign@ifema.es

Booth Graphics

Deadline is 17 Nov

Order via the Online Service Center

  • Select “Booking Services” and click on “Stand Accessories”


  • PVC covers the aluminum profiles but vinyl not.

Graphic Measurements:

  • Vinyl: 283x94, 5cm each panel.
  • PVC: 300x100 cm each panel.
  • PVC Fascia: 193,5x45cm each one.

Notes on submitting graphics:

  • Leave a 2 cm margin on each side
  • Image quality 150dpis.


Basic Stand Package - download pdf

Technical Specifications

  • Structure:
    • Silver color aluminun structure 293cm high.
    • White melamine wall panels.
    • One fascia for each open side (193cm x 45cm).
  • Lighting & Electricity
    • Fuse Box
    • One 50w LED spotlight for each 4m² of stand.
  • Carpet – choice of color
  • Cleaning - Stand Cleaning type A (1st cleaning + 1 daily cleaning).
  • Booth sign – Limited to 25 characters

Order via the Online Service Center


Stand Electricity

  • Included in your stand purchase is 130w of electrical consumption per square meter of your stand
    • As an example, a 50m2 stand would automatically be provided with:
      • 130 w x 50m2 = 6500w / 6.5kw
      • 1 Main electrical connection
  • Included in your stand purchase is one electrical connection at your stand
    • Marechal plug or open points depending on wattage
    • Not a Cetac

If additional electrical is needed, order via the Online Service Center, under “Stand Accessories”.

Installation of electrical

  • IFEMA certification regulations are very strict and require that a Spanish-licensed electrician coordinates the Electrical Installation Certificate with the Regional Government of Madrid
  • Floorplan of stand indicating the location of main connections and required consumption for each connection
  • Fuseboards and sockets must always be ordered separately.


IFEMA Exhibitor Care Office (Atención al Expositor)

Location – Avenida between Halls 6 & 8
Hours – 8:30 to 21:30 daily

  • Hire services on-site (fees may apply)
  • Exhibitor Parking Pass pickup
  • Purchase Safety Equipment
    • Helmet + safety vest: 9,64€
    • Safety vest: 5,79€

Exhibitors Badges

Exhibitor Registration Dashboard

Exhibitors at EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023 get:

  • 4 comp exhibitor badges per 9 m2
  • 4 comp customer codes per 9 m2

Exhibitors may purchase additional exhibitor badges or comp codes for 50 Euro/each.




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