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With its own fleet of more than 50 helicopters and 37 stations, ADAC Luftrettung is one of the largest air rescue organizations in Europe. Rescue helicopters are stationed all over Germany so they can be on the scene quickly in an emergency.

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About us

As a rule, the ADAC rescue helicopters are on call from 7 a.m. until sundown. When an alert comes in, they can be cleared for take-off within two minutes to take the emergency physician to the patient. One major advantage of the helicopter is its speed; it is also unaffected by traffic jams and weather-related road conditions.

Especially in cases of cardiac arrest or severe injuries following an accident, a few minutes can mean life or death. The helicopter is also well-suited for inter-hospital transfers, in other words transporting a patient from one hospital to another. Air travel means shorter transport times along with low noise and vibration levels, which minimizes transport risks and improves treatment opportunities for patients who are often critically ill.

The intensive care helicopters in Münster (Greven), Senftenberg as well as the helicopters at the Sande site (Wilhelmshaven), which provide care for the North Sea islands, are on call 24 hours a day. The machines at four ADAC air rescue stations – Murnau, Munich, Straubing and Sande, for the North Sea coast – are equipped with a rescue hoist to pick up patients in hard-to-reach terrain.