AirWork & Heliseilerei GmbH

Short description

AirWork & HeliseilereiGmbH (A&H) is a leading manufacturer of innovative high-quality products in the field of lifting accessories and slinging equipment for helicopter external load transport, rescue operations and load securing.

Standards, Products

  • S ISO 9001:2015
  • S EASA Part-21 / G
  • S ICAR
  • P Aerial Work
  • P Firefighting
  • P Offshore
  • P Drones / UAV
  • P Consultancy
  • P Sales
  • P Training
  • P Mission Equipment
  • P Safety, Survival Equipment
  • P Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO)
  • P Accessories, Components, Spare Parts
  • P Aircraft Interiors
  • P Civil
  • P Composite & Materials
  • P Engineering
  • P Ground Support, Handling Equipment

About us

For more than 20 years, AirWork & Heliseilerei GmbH (A&H) has been a leading name in the sector of ropes and rescue devices for helicopter operations and our uncompromising commitment to innovation is the same as ever. This dedication plus the determination to always ensure quality and safety are the governing criteria of all our activities.

AirWork & Heliseilerei GmbH (A&H) mainly focuses upon its core business, i.e. the development, production, certification and maintenance of load lifting and rescue devices for helicopter transport. These services are assembled under different product logos such as A&H ENG (Engineering), A&H EQU (Equipment), A&H SER (Services) and A&H EXP (Expert).

In order to protect our know-how we have decided to run all relevant production processes exclusively in Switzerland. Thus a multitude of small, even tiny sub-contractors build an efficient network for the development of innovative niche products. AirWork & Heliseilerei GmbH (A&H) itself acts as a supplier for helicopter companies working in the fields of load transport, logging, air/mountain rescue and off-shore operations, as well as for police and military forces, fire brigades, helicopter and drone manufacturers and for the space industry.