APS All Precision Systems Toulouse

Short description

Since 1987, All Precision Systems (Formerly TFE Electronics) Desing, develops and manufactures aeronautical and military electronical equipment. APS takes place in DOMUSA Group who already owns SATHOM & SATORI compagnies

Standards, Products

  • S EASA Part-21 / G
  • S EASA Part-145
  • S ISO 9001
  • S AS/EN 9100
  • P Urban Air Mobility (UAM)
  • P Drones / UAV
  • P Surveillance, Optical Systems
  • P Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO)
  • P Avionics
  • P Aircraft Interiors
  • P Civil
  • P Electronics
  • P Engineering
  • P Fuels
  • P Testing and Certification
  • P All OEM
  • P All Operators

About us

Our goal is to provide Dedicated Electronics Solutions

Our activity is around 3 products familly : 

Advanced Motor Control Systems

- One is for General Application dedicated to Drive DC or AC Motors with speed & torque control 

- The second one is power drives dedicated to actuators for critical applications, missile Thrust Vector Orientation System, laser guided,....*

- The third range concerns the power drive dedicated to the application requiring high- end performances such as ultra wide speed range or high dynamic response.

-   The last category concerns the power module designed to drive BLDC machines without a position sensor.

Power Management & Converters

-  DC/DC Converter Flight control

-  DC/DC Converter Special Applications

-  AC Electrical Master Box 10 to 40 KW

- DC Electrical Master Box

-  A350 Galley Motor Drives for A350

-  DC to AC or AC to AC converter

- Starting Systems

Active Power Filters

This equipment is dedicated to reducing harmonic current produced in the network by non-linear load with a rectifier bridge for example.

Two types of technology can be used : Parallel processing or serial processing.