AUK Protection

Short description

We provide protection garments and personal safety equipment for pilots and modern aircrews, based on our core values: safety, comfortability, functionality and style.

Standards, Products

  • P Aerial Work
  • P HEMS
  • P Firefighting
  • P Offshore
  • P Passenger Transport
  • P Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • P Parapublic, Law Enforcement
  • P Charter
  • P Sales
  • P Mission Equipment
  • P Safety, Survival Equipment
  • P Civil
  • P Flight Training, Simulation
  • P Ground Support, Handling Equipment
  • P All Operators

About us

AUK Protection is a pilot owned and operated initiative to further the standard of protective equipment for helicopter professionals.

All products are developed in close collaboration with active aircrews, following a strict
protocol of User Centered Design (UCD), premium hi-tech materials and scientific research.



Flight Suits, Pants, Jackets, Shirts, Uniforms, Clothes, Garment, Clothing, Suit, Crew Gear