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Serving 1.2 million professionals around the world, delivering award-winning journalism, data, intelligence and analytical resources, world-class tradeshows and conferences, and results-driven marketing services and advertising.


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About us

Aviation Week Network provides business-critical information, predictive intelligence and connections with opportunities and people. We deliver award-winning journalism, deep data and analytics, world-class conferences and events, and content-driven marketing services.  Our unmatched capabilities deliver solutions to help you make informed decisions to succeed.                                                                                        

Market-Leading Media Brands
Gain actionable knowledge and insight into your industry with our award-winning editorial brands that deliver multichannel solutions, consisting of magazines, community newsletters, websites, on-site event publications across every market.

Aviation Week Intelligence Network, Fleet Data and Consulting Services
Identify new market opportunities, maximize revenue, minimize risk and gain insights into the competition with our Aviation Week Intelligence Network’s solutions and services.

Directories and Marketplaces
Tools and information resources — including a newly-enhanced online supplier directory — to help professionals with flight planning, aircraft values, charter, locating suppliers of key goods and services, and more.

World-Class Events and Conferences
Our 50+ tradeshows, conferences and executive summits produced annually; we connect you with the highest caliber audience in all market communities across the globe.

Results-Driven Marketing Services & Advertising
Utilize our channels, including websites, print publications, and newsletters as well as our marketing services capabilities to reach your target market, generate leads and make an impact.

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