Fichtner & Schicht GmbH

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Fichtner & Schicht is a medium-sized, family-owned company acting on the fields of model building, tool building, electroforming of erosion protection sheaths for blades, manufacturing of gauches and drill-routing-jigs as well as manufacturing of work-stations. #helicopters #vtol #aviation

Standards, Products

  • S AS/EN 9100:2016
  • P Accessories, Components, Spare Parts
  • P Composite & Materials
  • P Engines manufacturers, Engine Components

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#vtol #drones #helicopters #aviation #leadingedgeprotection

Perfect surface structures and individual manufacturing of parts at the highest level of quality are characteristic of our services in the area of erosion protection profiles and at the same time they are the recipe of success responsible for our leading market position in the aviation segment.

Besides the series production of about 15.000 erosion protection profiles annually we benefit from our expertise in tool and mould making: for particularly large sized parts we develop individual laminating facilities and for tooling applications without autoclave and annealing furnaces we make innovative CFRP moulds with a nickel coating. Our customer base includes renowned companies in the international aviation industry.

The central element and technological platform in this context are our electroforming process with 30 nickel high-performance baths which have been designed for more than 200 differently dimensioned tool moulds annually. Every enquiry undergoes a feasibility analysis and the process is examined in minute detail right up to delivery. We achieve real potential in cost savings by our holistic approach: from model making according to customer specific CAD data, to electroforming and manual machining (surface treatment, abrasive blasting and priming) up to the delivery of the finished tool or complete tooling system for direct use in the production process. And yet another plus: we like to support you during the installation of the tool in your facility guaranteeing a smooth start to the SOP.

The sign of good co-operation is when heads stay cool at crucial moments, when solutions are found, and swift decisions are reached. In line with our corporate philosophy we give a promise to the partners and employees of our company which is characterized by esteem, reliability, responsibility and team spirit: The best for the best – a quality
standard constantly being further developed.