Flyon Aero Srl

Short description

Flyon Aero provides consultancy and training for technicians, engineers, managers and other aviation work profiles. The school is approved as a Maintenance Training Organization (MTO) by EASA (approval no. IT.147.0016) for Basic and Type training suitable for obtaining the AML

Standards, Products

  • S ISO 9001:2015
  • S EASA

About us

We are the Aviation Training Center of Flyon Aero Srl.

Our mission is to deliver aviation training courses to our clients in
the most flexible and affordable way, without sacrificing quality and
being compliant to the latest EASA standards.

This focus is to provide a general overview of the
courses available in the following topics:
• Human Factors & Crew Resource Management
• EASA Regulations (DOA/POA/CAMO/145/AOC/…)
• Quality & Compliance Management
• Avionic Specialized Courses & MALE UAV
• Safety & Security courses

We are also approved EASA Part-147 for the delivery of Basic
Training and Type Training in order to obtain the Aviation
Maintenance License (AML).

To get further information or to enroll a course, you can contact us at:
• Office Phone/Fax: +39 0131850185
• WhatsApp: +39 3440323944
• Email: