Genesys Aerosystems

Short description

Genesys Aerosystems offers the HeliSAS® and GRC helicopter autopilots plus stability augmentation for light and medium helicopters. In addition, Genesys offers the GDR integrated Nav/Comm aircraft radios and Genesys Avionics Suite cockpit upgrades for helicopter platforms.

Standards, Products

  • S AS9100 Rev C
  • S ISO 9001:2015
  • S AS/EN 9100:2016
  • S AS9100 Rev D
  • S AS9100D
  • P eVTOL
  • P Urban Air Mobility (UAM)
  • P Mission Equipment
  • P Safety, Survival Equipment
  • P Avionics
  • P Displays, Mapping, Graphics
  • P Flight Data, Flight Control Systems

About us

Genesys Aerosystems offers the S-TEC line of autopilots for airplanes and helicopters. The company’s HeliSAS® brings digital, full-authority autopilot technology to the market in a package weighing an unprecedented 15 lbs. Available as a Stability Augmentation System (SAS) only or with all autopilot modes, HeliSAS dramatically enhances safety for light single-engine and twin-engine helicopters.