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Helitak Firefighting Equipment a world leader in aerial firefighting systems.


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The Helitak solution differs to the  normal underbelly tank offerings. The Helitak expandable fire tank offers many very distinctive advantages:

1. The expandable/reractable tank provides the carrying capabilities of the aircraft whilst providing a head pressure or mechanical force of the water load for combating wildfires and bushfires.

2. The Helitak fire tank is approved as an attached item and only the water load is deemed to be a jettisonable load.

3. The external installation of the Helitak fire tank leaves the internal cargo space for both passengers and equipment.

4. The carbon fibre construction privides a lightweight alternative and each tank is load tested to 4.4g of the design load.

5. The Helitak's tanks range from 1000lt-11,000lt for Helicopter use & 15,000lt for fixed wing applications.