Hillsboro Aero Academy

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As Hillsboro Aero Academy’s helicopter training school, Hillsboro Heli Academy enjoys a global reputation in the helicopter industry. Our joint EASA-FAA certification program and unique training environment make us a top choice for European operators seeking a pipeline of qualified pilots.

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About us

From our campus in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, Hillsboro Heli Academy, a division of Hillsboro Aero Academy, trains professional helicopter pilots from 75+ countries. As one of the world's longest-standing helicopter schools, we enjoy a global reputation among pilots and operators alike.

Our joint EASA-FAA training program on the F1 visa allows European students to achieve dual certification while building hours in the US for up to 23 months after completion of their training.

Our Career Pathway program is ideal for European operators planning for future hiring needs, providing a future pipeline of specialized applicants at zero cost. Current program partners include Bristow Group and ADAC Luftrettung. 

And our training environment is among the best in the world -- a stunningly beautiful mountain-and-coastal region blanketed in public forest, with ample opportunities for off-airport landings, mountain flying, and every kind of weather condition. 

Contact us to learn how we can train your future pilots to meet every challenge you can offer.