Konner S.r.l.

Short description

Konner is based in Amaro, nearby Venice. The company offers three helicopter models: K1 2 seats, K2 4 seats and K3 amphibious helicopter. All models being powered by the TK-250 turbine, this innovative Turbine, designed by Konner, reaches power up to 300hp.

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Standards, Products

  • P eVTOL
  • P Urban Air Mobility (UAM)
  • P Drones / UAV
  • P Engines manufacturers, Engine Components

About us

Konner S.r.l. is officially born in the year 2002 .

The company is located at Amaro (ITALY) nearby Venice, with a very representative building, this headquarter reflects konner’s ideal of innovation and creativity.  Konner offers a long term experience in the field of turbomachinery, aerospace and precision mechanical engineering. Experience and innovative thinking are devoted to the development and production of aeronautical products

Years of constant research and improvements gave birth to Konner’s cutting edge aviation products: the TK 250 diesel turbine, the K1, K2 and K3 helicopters.  After these technological successes, the company is now expanding both its production facility and business.