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Smith Myers is a UK company that has specialised in cellular design for over 35 years. We provide customers with award winning mobile phone detection, location and communication systems for Search & Rescue, Disaster Relief, Maritime Patrol and Security.


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Standards, Products

  • S ISO 9001
  • S AS/EN 9100
  • P Firefighting
  • P Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • P Parapublic, Law Enforcement
  • P Drones / UAV
  • P Consultancy
  • P Sales
  • P Training
  • P Mission Equipment
  • P Surveillance, Optical Systems
  • P Monitoring Systems
  • P Aircraft Interiors
  • P Displays, Mapping, Graphics
  • P Flight Training, Simulation
  • P Testing and Certification

About us

ARTEMIS has been designed to accurately identify and locate mobile phones quickly, automatically and at extended ranges. 

Once located, the aircraft can communicate directly with the mobile phone(s) via voice call and/or SMS. The simple user interface is designed to minimise crew workload. 

ARTEMIS also provides the option for simple software integration with aircraft mission systems from displaying tracks to automatic cueing of other sensors.

The ARTEMIS family of equipment offers a range of capability from small payload capability for unmanned aircraft weighing in at just 560g, up to fully qualified RTCA DO-160G systems.  All of our hardware is designed with simple and low cost integration in mind and comes complete with all the documentation required by prime integrators.

Each system uses the same Software Defined Radio and cellular protocol stacks designed and developed by Smith Myers and optimized for the SAR role.

Award winning ARTEMIS - giving fast and accurate location even in low light/EMC conditions.