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Small. Lightweight. Powerful. We come into place when applications require high-performance pumps for modern thermal management, where redundancy systems are needed for safety-critical areas or installation space, and saving weight is essential.

Standards, Products

  • S AS/EN 9100:2016
  • S AS/EN 9100
  • P Electronics
  • P Engineering
  • P Engines manufacturers, Engine Components
  • P Software

About us

Thanks to our fundamental know-how for hydraulic and electronic components and systems, we develop integrated system solutions for various applications, such as electromobility in the air, the sea, and on land or mobile applications as well as intelligent control of media for cooling systems of motors, batteries, inverters.

Intelligent Flow Control - Pumps & Valves.

The technical demands like vast temperature differences, fluctuations in pressure, and high coolant flow are easy tasks for our pumps and valves. All our products come with an integrated intelligent controller (CAN, LIN, UART, PWM, etc.) including bi-directional communication protocols, if required. Of course, software and hardware can be quickly adapted to customer-specific applications. Our components are developed and produced in-house and ensure performance and reliability.

Our Redundancy System.

If one componanet fails, the system continues to run.

The failure of one system, such as the motor, must not be synonymous with a failure or crash of the entire system.
This is exactly where SOBEK’s redundancy system comes in.

To reduce the probability of failure, we have developed a redundancy system based on a 2 x 3-phase BLDC motor and two control electronics. Under normal conditions, the two control electronics share the load. In an emergency, the overall system is designed to maintain total power in case of failure of one winding or one control electronics.

In addition, we have redundantly stored safety-relevant algorithms for controlling the motor. Critical system states are also detected and documented in good time (predictive maintenance). Our redundancy system allows us to identify numerous events that offer decisive advantages over a non-redundant system and do not immediately lead to a catastrophic failure.