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Thales provides its customers – businesses, organizations and governments – in the defense, aeronautics, space, transport, and digital identity and security domains with solutions, services and products that help them fulfil their critical role.

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Standards, Products

  • S PART 145
  • P Aerial Work
  • P HEMS
  • P Firefighting
  • P Offshore
  • P Passenger Transport
  • P Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • P Parapublic, Law Enforcement
  • P Charter
  • P Consultancy
  • P Training
  • P Mission Equipment
  • P Safety, Survival Equipment
  • P Surveillance, Optical Systems
  • P Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO)
  • P Accessories, Components, Spare Parts
  • P Avionics
  • P Civil
  • P Displays, Mapping, Graphics
  • P Electronics
  • P Engineering
  • P Flight Data, Flight Control Systems
  • P Flight Training, Simulation

About us

Thales supports aircraft manufacturers, armed forces, airlines, operators, pilots, crews and passengers in making improvements to flight efficiency, safety and comfort. The secure and natively connected systems that Thales designs enables aircraft, helicopters and drones to fly under all circumstances and to provide for all of the parts of the aeronautical ecosystem to interface together, on the ground or in flight.


The range of avionic equipment, systems and applications covers the following areas:

  • Flight avionics: piloting and control of the aircraft, namely, certified or open‑source electronics and information systems and solutions that ensure the secure and optimized flight of aircraft in an increasingly dense, connected and automated sky.
  • Electric systems: aircraft electrification systems that include electrical generation and conversion and the motors that allows to contribute to reducing the aviation carbon footprint.
  • Passenger experience: airlines call on Thales to personalize the services they offer to their passengers through next‑generation on‑board multimedia systems paired with high‑speed connectivity. Thales also makes use of the latest technology in data analytics to enable airlines to tap into new sources of revenue generated through specific applications offered to passengers depending on their profiles.
  • Simulation and training: simulator training for armies, navies and air forces to help them prepare more effectively for missions while reducing training costs. Thales supplies the flight simulators for many defense programs as well as providing training and instruction.


For all these of these activities, support and services are offered: Thales offers equipment and aircraft maintenance services, supports pilot missions and optimizes operations, thanks to cutting‑edge digital solutions that allow civil and military operators to optimize operating costs and guarantee increased aircraft availability.

With over 17,000 helicopters flying all around the globe with Thales avionics equipment on board, providing best-in-class helicopter support services is at the heart of our concerns. Our mission is to ensure continuous helicopter availability and maintain our customers’ helicopters at the highest level of performance.

The Connected Mission Assistant is a solution for helicopter mission management that supports all kind of missions (SAR, HEMS, Fire Fighting, Surveillance, Para Public...) allowing a better coordination and communication between the various players both on ground and in flight. It is already used by civilian security and French Army, everyday, all over the word.