Short description

THOMMEN AIRCRAFT EQUIPMENT Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of mission equipment, air data computers and altimeters, display solutions and display replacements, digital clocks and chronographs for helicopters, fixed wing aircraft & UAVs.

About us

THOMMEN has been supplying the global aircraft industry with Swiss quality aircraft instruments and aircraft equipment for civil and military applications since its proud origin back in 1916.

THOMMEN determined to go niche many years ago. Our selected equipment is tailored to meet specific and unique cockpit and fleet expectations and customers place their trust in us. Since more than a hundred years.

THOMMEN's entire product line serves both the OEM production of new aircraft as well as the retrofit market for existing fleets.

THOMMEN provides an extensive range of services, including: Inspection / recertification, repair of original parts, upgrades, reconfigurations and incorporation of service bulletins (SB).

THOMMEN maintains the following quality Approvals and Certifications and our equipment and systems are manufactured according to the EASA Part-21G (POA) – Production Organisation Approval Certificate, the EASA Part-145 Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificate, the EASA Part-21 ADOA Design Organisation Approval – the ETSO / TSO (ETSO-C2d, ETSO-C10b, ETSO-C46a, ETSO-C88a, ETSO-C95, ETSO-C106) Authorization and the EN 9100:2016 / AS 9100 Rev. D – Quality Management System Aviation Certificate.