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UAV DACH e.V. – Unmanned Aviation AssociationThe UAV DACH e.v. exists since year 2000 and is the most experienced association for commercial unmanned aviation in Europe. It represents the interests of 240+ corporate members from research, manufacturing and application.

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About us

UAV DACH stands for acceptance, safety, reliability, quality and promotion of unmanned aviation. Our aim with highest priority is the cooperative integration of UAS int the airspace. With the expertise of its members, UAV DACH supports the development of regulations and laws at the national and international levels.

Vast experience in UAS business

We have been founded from far ahead looking visionaries in industry and administration for gathering the interests and power of a developing industrial segment together. The proven reputance of UAV DACH e.V. is based on our strong and international members, with their expertise and their economic strength.

Strong community

UAV DACH exists of corporate members and therefore it represents the leaders of a major market share in Europes‘ UAS markets. For years the numbers of members are growing rapidly mostly because of the rise of new European regulations and the uncertainties incurred by this change. the strong community and the mutual support help each member to develop its individual market and provide opportunities within this new, rising market of applications with commercial unmanned aviation.

Reliable and strong connections to government and administration

UAV DACH is a premium partner for developing new standards in regulations and developing new legislation on the national and European levels. Our members and working groups are taking advantage of this early stage of involvement in the future shaping of UAS business and UAS markets.

Active empowerment

Members of UAV DACH are intensively cooperating within the working groups in the association on various topics, creating opinions and standards for the UAS industry. Involvement and empowerment, from start-up to global cooperation – the community is always stronger than every single element.

UAS related services

UAV DACH is offering to members exclusive high-level UAS services to increase safety. Competences and experiences are collected and transferred back to the members and their business development.