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UFH is a non-for-profit entity affiliated to the show organizer, EHA. The French Helicopter association (UFH) is the entity that federat the 6 French associations that gather the operators, the manufactures, the heliclubs, the service providers and the rotor world enthusiasts.


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About us

The French Helicopter Association (UFH) was created in 2004 to bring together and represent the players in the sector. The Helicopter is a historic and innovative industrial sector that contributes to the development and influence of France internationally.
The UFH team works to :

Provide studies and expertise to its members
Facilitate meetings between professionals
Organize operations to make the sector known to the public
Ensure regulatory monitoring for its members
Guarantee freedom of use and access to airspace
Define and share good practices in respect of the environment, safety and security
Change the regulations in line with the operational reality of helicopter operators and service providers
Formulate and bring the requests of its members to the EASA, elected officials, the DGAC, the press

To do so, UFH is the French member of the EHA, and his executive director is vice-chairman of it.

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