EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023 Exhibitor Social Media Toolkit Template

HAI is pleased to assist you in promoting your presence at EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023

HAI is pleased to assist you in promoting your presence at EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023. In this toolkit, you will find:

  • Message templates for telling your followers to register for the show and visit your booth
  • A two static images sized at 1200px x 900px to post on your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (X) pages
  • One gif sized at 1200px x 900px to post on your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter (X) pages
  • Three static images sized 1080x1920 to post on your Instagram story.

HAI recommends that you use the graphics from the time you receive this toolkit until the last day of the show, 30 November 2023.

Download the EUROPEAN ROTORS Social Media Toolkit


In addition to the graphics that we created to post on your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (X) accounts, we also created a few suggested posts for each platform to help drive attendance at the show and to your booth. Please keep in mind that these posts are only suggestions; you are welcome to create your own posts.

Facebook/ LinkedIn Post Examples (FB 2,000-character limit; LI 3,000-character limit)

Below are suggested text and image recommendations to use with your posts. Use the samples if you like or create your own. From now until 30 Nov., you should post at least once a week on your company page to create a buzz around your exhibit.

  1. [Use one of the three graphics that HAI provides] [insert your company name] is excited to exhibit at #europeanrotorsMadrid on 28 Nov.–30 Nov. Stop by Booth # [insert booth number], to learn about/ see a demonstration of [insert 2-3 things people can learn about at your booth or watch a demonstration of]. Want to learn more about the show and register? Visit
  2. [Use two pieces of content: 1) one of the three graphics HAI provides AND 2) a captivating picture of what you’ll have at your booth (can be a picture of an aircraft, product, blueprint, giveaway items., etc.) [insert your company name] is pleased to be among the VTOL industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced professionals exhibiting at #europeanrotorsMadrid. Visit Booth # [insert booth number] 28 Nov.–30 Nov. to meet our staff, learn about [insert topics], and collect giveaway items such as [list items you will giveaway]. Register at
  3. [Use a photo of your staff] There are only 10 days left until #europeanrotorsMadrid. We are most excited to exhibit this year because [insert reasons]. Stop by to see us at Booth # [insert booth number]. Learn more about the show and register now at
  4. [Use the three graphics HAI provides] Just one more day until #europeanrotorsMadrid. We look forward to seeing you at Booth # [insert booth number] and telling you about [insert what people will learn about at your booth]. Register for the show at
  5. [Create a photo dump of pics from last year’s show]. Last year at EUROPEAN ROTORS 2022, [insert 1-3 things you accomplished]. This year at #europeanrotorsMadrid, we look forward to telling you about/showing you [insert what you will tell people or show them at your booth] at our Booth, # [insert booth number]. Register for the show at

Twitter (X) Post Examples (280-character limit)

  1. [Use one of the three graphics provided by HAI] Don’t forget to stop by Booth # [insert booth number] at #europeanrotorsMadrid to learn about [insert one talking point]. Register at
  2. [Use two pictures: 1) picture of your staff at the airport AND 2) one of the three graphics that HAI provides] Are you headed to #europeanrotorsMadrid? We look forward to seeing you there at our Booth # [insert booth number]. Register at

Instagram Post Examples (2,200-character limit)

You can create a buzz around your booth by using a photo dump of the aircraft or product you’ll have at the show and discussing its features like this post:

You can also use one strong photo with longform text like this:


You are also welcome to create short video teasers promoting your exhibit. Your videos can be light and funny, dramatic, educational, trendy instructional — the possibilities are endless. Below are a few examples of teasers. We recommend a video length of 30 seconds or less unless. In this video, Airbus Director of Aviation Education and Outreach Bruce Webb talks about his presentation but informs his audience they must attend his course to learn more:

Whether someone is speaking in your video or you’re showing clips of your products and merch, you need to make a great first impression in the first 10 seconds of your video:

If someone is speaking in the video, HAI recommends that you lead with intriguing questions that relate to your products and services or topics you’ll discuss at your booth such as “What is your life worth?” “What does safety mean to you?” “When is the last time you …?”

You can also lead with an interesting story related to your topic. For example, HAI Director of Safety Chris Hill started an HAI Spotlight on Safety video on wire strike with a compelling story from his past: N&index=23. Dig inside yourself and think of personal experiences you’ve had or your customers have had and how these experiences relate to what you’ll be talking about at your booth. Use these experiences to connect with your audience.

Additionally, you can begin with a statistic or a demand that creates a sense of urgency, such as “According to the Vertical Aviation Safety Team (VAST), there have been 12 fatal helicopter accidents, resulting in 21 fatalities as of August 2022. At our booth, [insert company name] will address how you can improve safety in your operations to help drive this number down and help reduce the average fatal helicopter accident rate to 0.55 fatal accidents per 100,000 hours by 2025.”

Lastly, you can create a sense of urgency to drive people to your booth with your message: “The vertical aviation industry is taking off, and you don’t want to be the odd man out in 10 years when AAM becomes a major player in urban transit. Visit us at Booth # [insert booth number] to learn …”

Please keep the following tips in mind to record your promo video:

  • For Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (X), you should record your message holding your phone horizontally (long side facing down). (For creating a Facebook Reel, please see the item b below.)
  • For Instagram, record your message holding your phone vertically (short side facing down). Videos are now posted on this platform as Reels, which must be filmed vertically to optimize your content.
  • The character limit for Instagram is 2,200, and people cannot click a link from your post. Post in your bio for people to click it and visit the website to learn more and register. If your account is registered as a creator account, you may post links on your story that people can swipe up and be directed to
  • On each platform, shorter videos are more successful, so try to keep the video to around 30–40 seconds. Think of your teaser as a bite-sized snapshot of what to expect at the show and why it’s so important to our industry.
  • Please keep in mind that it is best to stand in front of a blank canvas like a solid-colored wall. Wear colors that will make you stand out against your background.
    • Showing a cool setup with helicopter models like Chris Hill did here could be fun.
    • You could also stand in front of a helicopter like Jonathan does here, which always catches the eye of our followers.
  • Lighting is important! If you don’t have adequate lighting indoors (if your video looks dark and not bright like the examples we’ve provided), try filming with natural sunlight early in the morning while the sun’s out. But see our tip below about keeping background noises, including wind, out of your video!
  • When filming outside, consider investing in inexpensive but effective equipment that will ensure your video has the best sound, such as this microphone that attaches to your phone (please confirm before purchasing that the mic you want is compatible with your phone!).
  • Remember to make eye contact with the camera and act naturally and confidently. You want to come across as personable, inviting, and knowledgeable.


Don’t forget to let attendees know you have arrived at #europeanrotorsMadrid. If you have props and or handouts, show them off. If you see a colleague or longtime customer at the show, stop and make a quick video with the person telling people about your exhibit and what they will find there. Networking is one of the best resources you can use at the show to promote your company.


Don’t forget to post recaps of your experiences at #europeanrotorsMadrid. You can highlight the people you met, thank the organizers and your customers, and tell anyone who missed this year’s show to catch you at the next!

Download the EUROPEAN ROTORS Social Media Toolkit