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entrol H45, a new H145 based simulator

Entrol presents the H45, a new H145 based simulator developed by Entrol. Entrol launches a brand new simulator based on the H145 D3, which can be certified as an FNPT II MCC, FTD Level 2 and FTD Level 3.

AMST K_H8 / 1243

Minimizing Risks of Night Operations: Night Vision Training

European Rotors is your chance to participate in a Night Vision (NV) Training conducted by Human Factors and Night Vision specialist Douglas Vine on 7 November 2022. The half-day NV training course is a condensed version of AMST’s comprehensive NV training going beyond standards.



We want to hear your ideas and solutions for the next generations of VTOL, public acceptance of urban mobility, support for disaster relief or joint use of drones and rotorcraft, and many more. Participate in the one and only #Rotorthon in #europeanrotors22.

HeliSpeed Academy K_08 / 1101
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Your training, elevated

HeliSpeed Academy approved EASA and UK CAA ATO, providing pilot training, NVIS & NVG training and Bell 429 simulator training. Learn more about our trainings in this post.

Global Helicopter Service GmbH K_H8 / 1220
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Advanced Pilot Training

Our training offers focus on advanced training for individual pilots and aviation companies including IFR-courses, twin conversions, MCC course and Bell 212/412 as well as H225 type rating courses.

Technische Universität Wien K_08 / 1932

Safety of Rotorcraft Drivetrains: Assessment, testing, improvement, monitoring, and teaching

TU Wien adresses key topics of the EASA Rotorcraft Safety Roadmap in its research and teaching, and TU Wien contributed to the EASA Rotorcraft Symposium in 2012, 2016 and 2018.

Technische Universität Wien K_08 / 1932

Aviation at TU Wien: Transmissions for aviation, new lubricants & tribology, aircraft systems & design

Aviation was first introduced as a research field at TU Wien (the largest technical university in Austria, situated in Vienna) in 2008 and comprises today three professorships: Transmissions, Tribology and System Design.

Career Day
Career Day

Heli NRW: the flight school to talk to at table 3

Heli NRW has been a flight school in Mönchengladbach since 2011. We provide all training to gain the license (PPL/CPL/FI) and type rating our students need. We have a variety of type ratings we can offer including Annex I helicopter ratings.

Career Day
Career Day

Hillsboro Heli Academy: visit us at table 6

Hillsboro Heli Academy is one of the largest Helicopter schools in the world and is based on the US West-coast.

TPS SpA K_08 / 1404
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Discover the TPS Group Training Academy

Training courses in Avionics Services and Mechanical Design with specializations in Aeronautics, Automotive, Precision Mechanics and Oil and Gas, to allow young graduates to acquire all the technical-specialist skills and "soft skills" that are necessary to anticipate market demands.

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