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SKYTRAC Hall K_H8 / 1029

SKYTRAC Medical Data Transfer with STARS Air Ambulance

Discover how SKYTRAC, a global leader of intelligent connectivity solutions for aviation, and STARS Air Ambulance, a leader in EMS, completed a first-of-its-kind in-flight Medical Data Transfer trial onboard STARS' new five-blade Airbus H145-D3 aircraft.

LD-Switzerland LD SA / Ulmer Aeronautique Hall K_H8 / 1848
Product Highlight

SAR flight helmet

The H-CMR SAR version combine the advantages of the normal H-CMR (weight, sound attenuation, comfort ...) with the dedicated development to meet the expectations of SAR missions or hostile environments.

Spectrum Aeromed Hall K_H8 / 1034

Critical Care in the Air

A helicopter's EMS interior effectively has to turn the aircraft into a flying ambulance, able to match the medical capabilities of its road-going equivalent, while adhering to stringent weight and space restrictions.

Spectrum Aeromed Hall K_H8 / 1034

Increase your Patient Care Capabilities

"Amazing things are happening in the EMS/HEMS fields by the medical teams. To be a part of their cutting-edge requirements is very exciting" Matthew Christenson, VP and Account Executive for Spectrum Aeromed.

Flightcell International Ltd. Hall K_08 / 1748

Advanced Communication Products and Solutions for Aviation

Flightcell is a global leader in aviation communications hardware that are highly configurable for operational requirements, with focus on providing solutions to rotorcraft that specialize in air medical, SAR, aerial fire, law enforcement, oil and gas, and military.

Skyguide - swiss air navigation ltd Hall K_H8 / 1049
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Procedure Design for Helicopters

From procedure design & support to flight validation, from airspace report to CNS analysis and GNSS signal-in-space performance assessments, Skyguide creates, implements and maintains helicopter RNP procedures.

Leonardo several locations

Safer Skies With Performance Based Navigation

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) is one of the areas in which Leonardo and Italian air navigation service provider ENAV have joined forces to develop innovative solutions for a more efficient use of helicopters in the dedicated Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) air space.

Aviation Specialties Unlimited Hall K_H8 / 1511

Night Vision Innovator, ASU Inc. Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification

As a provider of “Night Vision Solutions that Save Lives!” and multiple innovative products in development, standardization is critical to delivering the highest quality products efficiently and exceeding customer expectations worldwide.

Aviation Specialties Unlimited Hall K_H8 / 1511

Skilled and Streamlined Night Vision Modifications

Since 1995 ASU, Inc. has been the most trusted team in the night vision industry worldwide. With an unwavering focus on field maintainability and continued airworthiness, ASU is committed to safeguarding those who protect and defend with "Night Vision Solutions that Save Lives!"

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