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AUK Protection Hall 9 / 1220

AUK Protection

AUK Protection is a Swedish brand that aligns itself with the user to get the job done. Several new products for this year, such as a flame retardant two-piece flight suit and new HEMS clothing, drop by and check out our new garments.

VIH Aerospace several locations
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Pilot Bubble Windows

VIH Aerospace offers Pilot Bubble Windows for enhancing visibility, comfort, and safety during vertical reference operations. Platforms supported include Airbus H135, H145, AS332/H225 Bell 407 and Sikorsky S92.

HENSOLDT Hall 9 / 1506
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Don't miss the opportunity to make your flight operations more safety! The integration of the Micro-VMS landing aid enhances safety by providing precise landing assistance, reducing the risk of accidents.

AUK Protection Hall 9 / 1220

Putting first responders first

AUK Protection is an initiative to further the standard of Personal Protective Equipment for aircrews. Founded by Swedish helicopter pilots in 2011, our mission is to provide performance garments designed specifically for the tasks and tools of our trade. All products

HENSOLDT Hall 9 / 1506

ACS – Airborne Connectivity System

High-speed connectivity with up to 4x LTE (MIMO) data connection from various providers sets the stage for seamless, reliable access. The open platform allows for flexibility, supporting third-party software like specific VPN applications to cater to diverse user.

Concorde Battery Corporation Hall 9 / 1328

Concorde Battery Corporation RG-641 certified via ESTC, STC and TCCA for installation on Enstrom Helicopter 480/480B

EASA STC 10077027 & FAA STC SR01067DE approves installation of Concorde Battery RG-641, lead acid main battery, on Enstrom 480/480B models. RG-641 has been designed as a drop-in replacement for the original equipment lead acid battery on the helicopter; no kit or hardware is required.

Trakka Systems Hall 9 / 1103

Total Mission Solutions, See. Save. Protect.

Experience Trakka's cutting-edge Critical Vision Technologies at European Rotors! Discover how our TrakkaCam EO/IR multi-spectral imagers, TrakkaBeam high-intensity searchlights, and TrakkaMaps mapping software can heighten situational awareness, optimize coordination, and ultimately save lives.

DART Aerospace Hall 9 / 414

DART aerospace receives new tcca stc for its bell 505 external cargo heli-utility-basket

DART aerospace receives new tcca stc for its bell 505 external cargo heli-utility-basket. DART announced that it has received a new TCCA STC certification for the external cargo Heli-Utility-Basket™ specifically tailored for the Bell 505 aircraft. It is also currently pursuing FAA validation.

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