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ARTEMIS Mobile Phone Identification, location and communication system

The Choice of Professionals - Unmatchable speed, range and accuracy. A comprehensive airborne mobile phone detection, location and communication solution empowering various applications, including Search and Rescue, Border Control, Maritime Patrol, Disaster Response, Law Enforcement & Defence.

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30 Remarkable years of Østnes Helicopters

Celebrating 30 years of aviation excellence, Østnes Helicopters invites you on our remarkable journey. From humble beginnings to industry leadership, we've thrived for three decades. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we continue to push boundaries in aviation's future.

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We make HUMS work

The (XRDS) identified a fault on the 27th of July. On the 17th of October, the main gearbox was removed from service following chip indicators, 100 flight hours after the XRDS identified the fault. Teardown analysis revealed the source of metal degeneration was from a planetary bearing.

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Performance that lives depend on: During helicopter rescue missions, every minute counts. The ERH premierV sets new standards with technical innovations that ensure operations are extremely fast and cost-effective. Thanks to a rated load of 303 kg (670 lbs), there are no limits to the applications.