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Applus+ Laboratories K_H8 / 935

Taking the UAV outdoor flight-testing experience to another level, one partnership at a time

As UAV development quickly escalates, relying on qualified outdoor flight-testing installations and development environments has never been more crucial.

HeliSpeed Academy K_08 / 1101
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Your training, elevated

HeliSpeed Academy approved EASA and UK CAA ATO, providing pilot training, NVIS & NVG training and Bell 429 simulator training. Learn more about our trainings in this post.

Embention Sistemas Inteligentes SA K_H8 / 1101
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Enhanced Fly-By-Wire for eVTOL With Veronte Autopilot

Fly-by-wire technology in Veronte Autopilot 4x permits to safely control the aircraft from a joystick installed in the pilot cabin. It has been designed to control up to 32 different actuators within the aircraft, including servos, electric motors, brakes and other control surfaces.

Bose K_H8 / 1828

Bose A20 Aviation Headset - Enhance Your Flying Experience

The Bose A20 was designed for best-in-class active noise reduction — and provides ANR that’s 30% greater than conventional aviation headsets, enhanced comfort, clear audio and intuitive operation. No matter what you fly, the Bose A20 is engineered to improve the experience. Acclaimed performance.

Leonardo several locations
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New Horizons for the AW119KX

The AW119Kx proved itself a true aircraft of the 21st century when it made modern aviation history in 2019, becoming the first single-engine Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) helicopter in decades to meet all IFR standards and be fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Leonardo several locations
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AW149: The Latest-Generation Medium Military Helicopter

The AW149, the latest-generation medium multi-role battlefield platform from Leonardo. Delivering the highly effective and survivable capability required by today’s armed forces, it combines advanced technologies, equipment and weapons systems with unparalleled safety and reduced cost of ownership.

SET GmbH K_H8 / 940

NI & SET Open Dusseldorf Aerospace Experience Center

NI and SET GmbH, global leaders in aerospace and defense test systems, today announced the opening of a new state-of-the-art System on Demand Experience Center in Dusseldorf, Germany. The goal is to accelerate the deployment of Control System Test Solutions via Live Demonstrations and Workshops.

SHOTOVER Systems K_H8 / 1424
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SHOTOVER Systems Debuts M2 Multi-Sensor Camera System

Bringing many firsts to airborne ISR, the M2 Multi-Sensor system comes with SHOTOVER’s 5th generation, true 6-axis gimbal design and is the only EO/IR system that eliminates “gimbal-lock” and “horizon-rolling”.

Embention Sistemas Inteligentes SA K_H8 / 1101

Discover Embention’s motor controllers for certification

Designed under the DO-178C and DO-254 standards, the MC110 and MC24 are designed for eVTOL and electric aircraft, with an admissible input voltage of 60 – 550VDC, being able to reach high powers with a fast response.

Technische Universität Wien K_08 / 1932

Aviation at TU Wien: Transmissions for aviation, new lubricants & tribology, aircraft systems & design

Aviation was first introduced as a research field at TU Wien (the largest technical university in Austria, situated in Vienna) in 2008 and comprises today three professorships: Transmissions, Tribology and System Design.

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