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HH Sheikha Mozah Bint Marwan Al Maktoum first woman to pilot AW609 tiltrotor

Her Highness Sheikha Mozah Bint Marwan Al Maktoum visited Leonardo’s United States helicopter headquarters in Philadelphia and piloted the AW609 tiltrotor, setting a new and important milestone for female pilots in civil aviation.

The ePlane Company Halle K_H / Digital Exhibitor
Product Highlight

India's 1st & World's Most Compact Flying Taxi

Ever wished to just fly past traffic and reach your destination in a jiffy? Well, we're on a mission to make door-to-door flying a reality! To alleviate on-road traffic congestion in cities globally, we're building the world's most compact flying electric taxi for 10x faster intra-city commute.

RUAG AG K_H8 / 1431

EASA certified COVID-19 separation wall

In times of a global pandemic, transporting infected patients is a challenge - especially by air. Therefore, RUAG has developed a wall that separates the cockpit from the cabin and shields the pilot from a possible infection.

The ePlane Company Halle K_H / Digital Exhibitor

ePlane in conversation with Dr. Frank Liemandt

Often find yourself stuck in traffic & distressed about being late? We might just have a solution for you - Our ePlane e200 is India's 1st & the world's most compact flying electric taxi - an eVTOL designed for up to 10x faster intra-city commute & cargo transport.

SAFRAN K_08 / 1228

"Radar" podcast: flying taxis over Paris in 2024, true or false?

Hervé Blanc, General Manager of the Power Division at Safran Electrical & Power and Bruno Bellanger, Program Director at Safran Helicopters Engines are guests on Radar and will answer all these questions. All aboard for the sixth episode all about new forms of urban mobility!

The ePlane Company Halle K_H / Digital Exhibitor

Your ePlane e200 is just a few taps away!

You will be able to book an ePlane e200 on-demand simply through an app on your phone. The ePlane e200 can land and take-off out of any rooftop to facilitate door-to-door flying, making it the most hassle-free intra-city commute solution.

Air Corporate Srl K_H8 / 1729

Air Corporate – You never fly alone

Air Corporate is the European company for business aviation demands at highest quality standards. However, it can also create unforgettable moments for visitors and tourists in this beautiful region of Europe.

Air Corporate Srl K_H8 / 1729

Come and meet Air Corporate

Air Corporate, the Italian business aviation market leader,  is glad to participate in the biggest and largest helicopter show in Europe. Come and meet the top management (Cpt. Roano Grandi, Cpt. Paolo Serini, Doct. Jacopo Foroni) and its team at European Rotors - HALLE 8 STAND 1729

SET GmbH K_H8 / 940

System Integration Rigs - Test Benches for aviation electronics

System Integration Test Benches connect samples (LRUs) and HiL test systems to measure and test all electronic components for System Integration Labs or Iron Birds.

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