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entrol H45, a new H145 based simulator

Entrol presents the H45, a new H145 based simulator developed by Entrol. Entrol launches a brand new simulator based on the H145 D3, which can be certified as an FNPT II MCC, FTD Level 2 and FTD Level 3.

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3D Flight Replay

Discover how 3D Flight Replay from Spidertracks can show you exactly where your aircraft were flying, and how they were being flown.

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RMCI - EC135

Airbus EC 135 helicoper walkaround with RMCI and the timeline of other platforms. RMCI XRDS has the most affordable, lightweight, and accurate Health Unit Monitoring System (HUMS) on the market.

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Stay compliant!

AeroEx is a regulatory compliance expert in EASA aviation advisory, consultancy and auditing. Solution provider of comprehensive EASA, FAA, UAE & OTAR compliance library database.

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FLI Repeater

The DCS1100 records usage data from the ARINC data buss and transmits the data via Bluetooth to the FLI Repeater App. Data is transmitted at a rate of 50mS or 20 packets/sec providing for a high resolution display of the engine parameters.

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Introducing the world’s first underarm constant-wear life vest

The UA-80 Evolution vest is the world’s first FAA approved commercially available underarm constant wear life vest; it represents the next evolution in life vest design utilizing SWITLIK’s signature underarm flotation technology incorporated into a tactical-style vest.

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Making Data Accessible

By leveraging more than 14 years of expertise in the aviation industry, Spidertracks’ end–to-end solution gives aircraft owners and operators an accessible entry into FDM.

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Is your fleet facing obsolete displays?

THOMMEN AIRCRAFT EQUIPMENT specializes in offering customized aftermarket display solutions providing tailored replacements for legacy CRT or LCD cockpit and mission displays which are no longer supported or serviceable.

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Power Conversion Products

Have a look at our company presentation video which will give you a very good overview of who we are and what we do! We look forward to get in touch with you and find the appropriate product for your platform/application.

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EASA certified COVID-19 separation wall

In times of a global pandemic, transporting infected patients is a challenge - especially by air. Therefore, RUAG has developed a wall that separates the cockpit from the cabin and shields the pilot from a possible infection.

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