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entrol H45, a new H145 based simulator

Entrol presents the H45, a new H145 based simulator developed by Entrol. Entrol launches a brand new simulator based on the H145 D3, which can be certified as an FNPT II MCC, FTD Level 2 and FTD Level 3.

Aviation Specialties Unlimited K_H8 / 1511

Skilled and Streamlined Night Vision Modifications

Since 1995 ASU, Inc. has been the most trusted team in the night vision industry worldwide. With an unwavering focus on field maintainability and continued airworthiness, ASU is committed to safeguarding those who protect and defend with "Night Vision Solutions that Save Lives!"

RMCI K_H8 / Starter Area - 1743

RMCI - EC135

Airbus EC 135 helicoper walkaround with RMCI and the timeline of other platforms. RMCI XRDS has the most affordable, lightweight, and accurate Health Unit Monitoring System (HUMS) on the market.

RUAG AG K_H8 / 1431

EASA certified COVID-19 separation wall

In times of a global pandemic, transporting infected patients is a challenge - especially by air. Therefore, RUAG has developed a wall that separates the cockpit from the cabin and shields the pilot from a possible infection.

Spidertracks K_H8 / 1507
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3D Flight Replay

Discover how 3D Flight Replay from Spidertracks can show you exactly where your aircraft were flying, and how they were being flown.

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Improve Your Operational Safety at EUROPEAN ROTORS 2022

This year’s programme includes training by safety expert Claude Vuichard and hands-on learning at the EASA Rotor Safety Zone.

CENTUM K_H8 / 1724

Global Presence, Innovative Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing

CENTUM designs, develops and markets airborne mission systems in the fields of Emergency, Security, Defense and Aerospace. It provides technological solutions that maximize the efficiency in operations.

SafeHelipad Software Systems Halle K_H8 / Digital Exhibitor

SafeHelipad Software: Real World Operational Impacts

Please join Mr. Michael Middleton (USMC, Ret) Founder and CEO of SafeHelipad Software Systems USA, for a presentation on System of Systems (SoS) for Helipad, Heliport, Helideck & Vertiport Infrastructure. He will share real world examples of how software SoS is making a difference.

Switlik Survival Products K_H8 / 1201
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Introducing the world’s first underarm constant-wear life vest

The UA-80 Evolution vest is the world’s first FAA approved commercially available underarm constant wear life vest; it represents the next evolution in life vest design utilizing SWITLIK’s signature underarm flotation technology incorporated into a tactical-style vest.

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EUROPEAN ROTORS 2022 - First Day: Fly-in, trainings and more

Find out the best of our first day at EUROPEAN ROTORS 2022, the most important VTOL Show and Safety Conference in Europe. Fly-in pictures here: Press Center.

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