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Aerospace Logistics Group Hall 9 / 500

The Aerospace Logistics Group

The Aerospace Logistics Group (ALG) is a worldwide organisation specialising in support services to the aerospace industry, from time critical AOG and OBC services to engine and helicopter transportation, global and local distribution, and full international logistics services.

Bell Hall 9 / 318

Emergency Room in the Sky: A Look into the Bell 429

When emergencies happen, the minutes matter. For first responders, being able to access the necessary air medical equipment to navigate in life-threatening situations is imperative. Hear from some Bell 429 customers on what makes their light-weight interior kits’ unique!

QAI Aerospace Hall 9 / 1106
Product Highlight

Technisonic Radio Service-Center

Here at QAI Aerospace, we have an extensive capability list for instrumentation, avionics, and accessory repair/overhaul. On a daily basis, we complete repairs on an extensive range of units, including Technisonic Radios.

FlySight Hall 9 / 703
Product Highlight

Using Technology for Effective Mission Planning & Management – New and Innovative Solutions

Exploring up-and-coming technologies that can be used for mission planning. We will be looking at the technology itself, and how it helps with efficient mission planning and management with OPENSIGHT Analyst Console.

Airwolf Aerospace Hall 9 / 1523

Lithium-Ion Main Ship Battery Installation STC's

Our latest project is STC installations of True Blue Power® Lithium-ion Aircraft Batteries in just about every light and medium turbine helicopter, turboprop, and business Jet. True Blue Power is the world’s first company to engineer and certify lithium-ion batteries for aviation.

Axnes AS Hall 9 / 709

We Introduce Tactical Team Bubble Capability for PNG Wireless Intercom System

Axnes, a leading provider of advanced wireless communication solutions, today announced an innovative new Tactical Team Bubble capability for its PNG Wireless Intercom System (WICS) family.

Heli Skycargo Hall 9 / 701

Helicopter Shipping with Heli Skycargo

We Got You Covered – 24/7 around the globe – We provide multimodal transportation for all kind of helicopters – We are an approved logistic provider by Leonardo Helicopter

Northrop Grumman LITEF GmbH Hall 9 / 1232

LCR-350B Ultimate safety under the most demanding of conditions

As a specialist for inertial systems, we work hard at continuously reducing the size, weight, and power consumption of our solutions. This is why we are uncompromising when it comes to quality and safety.

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