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Spectrum Aeromed Hall K_H8 / 1034

Critical Care in the Air

A helicopter's EMS interior effectively has to turn the aircraft into a flying ambulance, able to match the medical capabilities of its road-going equivalent, while adhering to stringent weight and space restrictions.

Spectrum Aeromed Hall K_H8 / 1034

Increase your Patient Care Capabilities

"Amazing things are happening in the EMS/HEMS fields by the medical teams. To be a part of their cutting-edge requirements is very exciting" Matthew Christenson, VP and Account Executive for Spectrum Aeromed.

RMCI Hall K_H8 / Starter Area - 1743

RMCI - EC135

Airbus EC 135 helicoper walkaround with RMCI and the timeline of other platforms. RMCI XRDS has the most affordable, lightweight, and accurate Health Unit Monitoring System (HUMS) on the market.

KGS Electronics Hall K_H8 / 1044

KGS Electronics Power Conversion

Pioneering the application of solid state static inverters/converters for aerospace, KGS Electronics is designing and manufacturing AC and DC solid state power conversion products since 1959, providing certified products to both the civil and military market.

Spidertracks Hall K_H8 / 1507

Making Data Accessible

By leveraging more than 14 years of expertise in the aviation industry, Spidertracks’ end–to-end solution gives aircraft owners and operators an accessible entry into FDM.

Swiss Aerospace Cluster - SAC Hall K_08 / 1049

Switzerland is back @ ER2022!

The Swiss Aerospace Cluster, Switzerland's largest Aviation & Space network, will host 7 companies on the Swiss Pavilion in Hall 8, Booth 1049. AeroEx, Aerolite, AirWork-Heliseilerei, BATT Suisse, GUNNAR International, Marenco, Skyguide

SAFRAN Hall K_08 / 1228

Contribute to Safer and More Sustainable Aviation

Safran is an international high-technology group, operating in the aviation (propulsion, equipment and interiors), defense and space markets. Safran undertakes research and development programs to maintain the environmental priorities of its R&T and innovation roadmap.

ARCITEX - FABSPACE Hangars Hall K_H8 / 1243
Product Highlight

Fabspace hangar - the perfect hangar solution

Unlimited in size. Unique in design: Fabspace hangars offers solutions between 250m² to 3000m², at the same time we design and produce individual hangar solutions, as individuality is part of our philosophy. Installable on every type of ground and resisting roughest weather requirements.

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