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Loft Dynamics AG several locations

Mountain Training – Loft Dynamics

Mountain landings place special demands on you as a helicopter pilot. Train your competencies realistically on the Loft Dynamics training devices. As probably the only simulator that enables you to train mountain operations realistically.

Bluedrop Training & Simulation Hall 9 / 814
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Bluedrop's Hoist Mission Training System

Train for difficult missions, dangerous operations, hazardous malfunctions, and unforeseen emergencies in environmentally friendly and safe conditions.

FlightSafety International Hall 9 / 625
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Rotorcraft Training Solutions

Whether your operation is tasked with completing off-shore platform work, high-stakes medical rescues, or scenic tours, the highest level of safety is the top priority of any helicopter pilot. FlightSafety International (FSI) shares this dedication to safety in our simulation training programs.

Atlantic Airways Aviation Academy Hall 9 / 905

Introducing Atlantic Airways Aviation Academy

Discover the extraordinary world of aviation at Atlantic Airways Aviation Academy! 🛫 Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Faroe Islands, our academy offers a training experience like no other.

Indra Hall 9 / 1322

Ministry of Defence commissions Indra again to upgrade the Chinook CH-47F simulators

Indra will be upgrading the Chinook CH-47F helicopter simulation system, consisting of an FMS (Full Mission Simulator), the FTD (Flight Training Device) and the CBTs (Computer Based Trainer) at the Helicopter Simulation Center (CESIHEL) of the Armed Forces Flight Academy (ACAVIET).

Indra Hall 9 / 1322

Indra develops the third NH90 helicopter simulator for the Spanish Armed Forces

Indra has been awarded the contract for the development and supply of a new FMS (Full Mission Simulator) for the most advanced helicopter of the Armed Forces, the NH90, for the Spanish Air and Space Force, for an amount of 19.2 million euros.