Ticket Purchase / Media Registration

Attendee Registration

Student Rate

Students register for free

Standard Ticket Pricing

Prices include 10% VAT (Spanish Business Owner tickets excluded)

EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium Tickets

1-Day EASA Symposium only     90.00 euro
3-Day EASA Symposium (with 3-day show access)    210.00 euro 
1-Day Spanish Business Owner (EASA Symposium only)    81.82 euro
3-Day Spanish Business Owner (EASA Symposium with show access)    190.91 euro

Regular Visitor Ticket Options

1-Day Show Access     90.00 euro 
1-Day Show Access—Pilot / Engineer    45.00 euro 
3-Day Show Access    180.00 euro 
3-Day Show Access—Pilot / Engineer     90.00 euro 

Spanish Business Owner (SBO) Tickets

1-Day Spanish Business Owner Show Access    81.82 euro
1-Day Spanish Business Owner Show Access—Pilot / Engineer    40.91 euro
3-Day Spanish Business Owner Show Access    163.64 euro
3-Day Spanish Business Owner Show Access—Pilot / Engineer    81.82 euro

Additional Training

Optional training is available for purchase and includes 3-Day Show Access. If you need assistance with your registration, contact us at europeanrotors_event@eha-heli.eu

Ticket Shop

Exhibitor and Customer Registration

Exhibtor Portal User Instructions

Ticket Shop https://invite-exh-rental.teamaxess.com/

Each exhibitor shall receive codes for their exhibitor passes, which give them access to the exhibition centre. The codes must be redeemed in our online shop for personalisation of passes. The number of codes issued is determined based on the size of the stand.

  • 4 comp exhibitor badges per 9 sq mtr
  • 4 comp customer codes per 9 sq mtr

Additional codes for exhibitor passes can be ordered via the OSC at 50 euros per badge. The exhibitor passes are intended for the stand staff, must be filled out in accordance with the provisions on passes, and may not be transferred to third parties.


Registration for media is free.

All media registration requests must be approved by EUROPEAN ROTORS and are subject to revocation. Approval in a previous year does not guarantee approval for the current year.

Media registration and credential requests are reserved for: writers, editors, and active contributors to, or employees of, a publication, news organization, or digital news outlet; industry analysts; and freelance journalists.*

*Public relations, marketing, and sales professionals do not qualify for media registration or credentials.

If you need assistance with your registration, please contact press@eha-heli.eu